Invitation to The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Part 1-3 Training

Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a multi-district, grassroots leadership development program of member districts organized into regional divisions in various parts of the world.

Date:       September 19, 2015 Saturday

Time:      9:30 am – 4:45 pm including Simulation of Chairing a Lunch Meeting

Venue:    Venue to be confirmed upon enrolment

Below 15 enrolment:     RIC, Including Perfect Lunch Meeting workshop HK$ 300

Above 15 enrolment:     Regal Hong Kong Hotel HK$ 500 per one  including lunch

Facilitators: PDG Peter Wan and his team

Trainers are experienced faculty members from the district who have received proper training as discussion leaders and are well conversant with the subject matters of the course.  Each session will be conducted in an interactive manner and includes sharing of experience and perspective by participants with similar Rotary knowledge. No prior preparation is needed.


District PPE Event – Sustainable Seafood Ambassador Program 28-29 November, 2015

Dear Presidents,

First of all, Preserve Planet Earth (PPE) Committee would like to thank all the Rotary Clubs (RCs), Rotarians and friends of Rotary who have supported the “Rotary HK Chordophonia 2015 Concert” held on Sunday 9 August 2015. It was a resounding success, with all tickets sold. The feedback was positive and encouraging. We were overwhelmed by the compliments and have no doubt it was indeed a memorable and enjoyable evening for all. We are waiting for Urbtix to finalise the accounts, based on our estimate we have raised about HK$120,000.00 to fund our future District PPE Committee activities.

Sustainable Seafood Ambassador Program (SSAP) is one of the District PPE Committee Signature projects. With more experience and understanding we would like to expand the reach and effectiveness of SSAP to educate the consumers on what we are doing to the marine ecosystems and how we can help to conserve this valuable resource for future generations and make it sustainable.

Hong Kong is the second largest per capita consumer of seafood in Asia and the seventh largest in the world. We consume an average of over 70 kg per capita of seafood annually. That was about 4.1 times higher than the global average.

Our seafood choice will shape the future of our oceans! Even the slightest change on our eating habit will impact the future of our oceans significantly. As consumers need to be educated so that they can make informed decisions. We would like to seek your help in spreading the massage. Please join us to promote the WWF-HK Seafood Guide so that the consumers can choose wisely to make our marine resources sustainable. This year we like to do it by the following steps:

  1. We are going to train the 64 PPE Directors in the District, of course RCs that are not yet qualified as Green RCs are welcome to join as well, so that they can go back to their own RCs to promote Sustainable Seafood. We will announce the training day once it is finalised, hopefully by the end of September or early October.

  1. After which we will request all Presidents to work with their respective PPE Directors to get their club’s Members, Rotaractors, Interactors and Adopt-a-School members (the Rotary Family) to join our District-wide SSAP to be held on 28-29 November, 2015.

  1. Rotary Families are very creative and each RC has its own style and culture in doing projects. Therefore this year we would like to organise the SSAP in a free format. However they should all have the same objectives, which are:
  • To provide information on the environmental impact of consuming seafood commonly available without regards to their sustainability;
  • To get all Rotarians, family and friends to pledge their support to sustainable seafood;
  • To get all Rotarians, family and friends to use the Sustainable Seafood Guide Apps to guide their future ordering in Restaurants and purchasing in the market.

We, the District 3450 PPE Committee, will provide:

  1. Training to all PPE Directors, Rotarians and volunteers.
  2. Guidance to RCs if needed to conduct SSAP project
  3. Appropriate materials such as posters, booklets, banners etc to RCs to conduct their SSAP project.

Our target this year is to have:

  1. At least 60 places/venues to run the SSAP on 28-29 November District-wise.
  2. At least 600 individuals downloaded the WWF HK Seafood Guide.
  3. At least 600 individuals pledged to only consume Sustainable Seafood.

Suggestions of SSAP formats:

  1. Adopt-a-School – to host a booth/stand in their own school to showcase to their schoolmates, teachers, family and friends.
  2. Interactors – to arrange presentation to their Interact Club members, family and friends.
  3. Rotaractors – to arrange a sustainable seafood gathering with their member’s family, colleagues and friends.
  4. Rotarians – to set up a SSAP stall in shopping mall / community hall or invite their friends and family to their club meetings to learn more about sustainable seafood.
  5. Most importantly to have them all download the WWF HK Seafood Guide during the SSAP so that it will become their future reference for making seafood choices.

We hope, through our co-ordinated effort, we can raise the profile of District 3450 on our effort to support Sustainable Seafood!

For more information about PPE activites, please go to the following link:

For more information about Sustainable Seafood Ambassador Program, please visit our facebook link:

Should you have any queries of the program, please contact our Chair George Li at 90276838 or Secretary Eliza Ning at 90133823.

Yours In Rotary

PP George Li

Preserve Planet Earth Committee Chair

Africa goes one year without a case of polio

K.R. Ravindran
President, 2015-16
T +1.847.866.3235

F +1.847.866.3390
[email protected]

Just a few days from now, on 11 August, we will mark a tremendous milestone: one full year without a single case of polio caused by wild poliovirus in Africa.

The magnitude of this achievement can hardly be overstated. A polio-free Africa has been within sight, so near and yet so far, for over a decade. The hard work and commitment that have brought us to this point have been nothing short of heroic. Tens of thousands of health workers reached hundreds of millions of children with vaccine, in some of the most difficult conditions imaginable. Together, we have done what once seemed impossible: We have stopped polio in Africa.

Yet this progress, momentous as it is, is still fragile. As long as polio exists in the two remaining endemic countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan, the virus still has the potential to spread and to spark new outbreaks. Now, more than ever, we need the power of all of Rotary to carry us through to the end: not just a polio-free Africa, but a polio-free world.

Wherever you live, whether your country has just conquered polio or has been polio-free for decades, we need your voice, and your help. I ask all of you to read and use the materials in thistool kit to find ways to raise awareness in your community, and beyond. We need every Rotarian, in every Rotary club, to be talking about polio: making sure that media outlets report on our progress and our elected officials see polio eradication as a global priority. Your grassroots work helps drive the increased media coverage we have seen in the past year, which in turn drives global backing of our work to eradicate polio. Together, we will keep polio front and center in our communities and on our national agendas, keeping up the energy and the momentum that will push us through to the finish.

The battle in Africa has, for the moment, been won, but we need the strength of every Rotarian to help us win the war. Together, we will End Polio Now and truly Be a Gift to the World.

Warm regards,
K.R. Ravindran
President, Rotary International

News media prominently featured Rotary and its 30 years of work to protect children from the crippling effects of polio when Nigeria marked its one-year milestone in July, including: