Rotary 3450 Youth Career Planning Programme in Fashion and Image

Peninsula Sunrise , being the sponsored club in the Rotary 3450 Youth Career Planning Programme in Fashion and Image , our Interact Club Sir Ellis Kadoree participated in the programme , learning Hairstyle , Makeup , and Image Design , aiming at nurturing imagination and creativity, and preparing students for future career development .
The opening ceremony launched today at the Hong Kong Design Institute , a successful Fashion walk attracts media attention too.


Peninsula Sunrise-the upcoming Interact Club formation and school meeting

More to share on Peninsula Sunrise-the upcoming Interact Club formation and school meeting .
From Rotary Adopt-A-School Program (RAAS ), Peninsula Sunrise has been working closely with Bethel High School , Principal Ng Chiu Mei and Tang Sir , focus on the formation of Interact Club by March 2017 timeframe .
Meeting on Oct 12 , an understanding on Rotary Interact Club formation , functions, roles and responsibility of school , supporting teachers , selected Interact board of directors and Interact Club members have been well noted with details.
Currently, the school has to re-align their current community work and scope from their existing school calendar to the upcoming Interact Club . There will be further working meetings and our presence to school – wide activities to enable Peninsula Sunrise to promote Rotary and it’s Interact Club to all students , particularly the many benefits of Rotary Interact Club upcoming formation , various functions , opportunity to connect with community leaders, Rotary members and other Interact Schools . It would be great opportunity for the Interact Club members to be able to polish the leadership skill through the implementation of Interact Club projects and activities .

SEK 2016 Award Presentation Ceremony

Oct 19 ~Anita Cheung ( Interact Club co-ordinator) and Simon Wong ( Service Director ) representing P Winky to attend the SEK 2016 Award Presentation Ceremony in school hall .
After the SEK activity , Interact Club meeting have been conducted in the SEK campus with all SEK Interact Club members and respective teachers . Discussion sessions focused on 2016~2017 SEK officership arrangement , year plan and planned projects . A brain-storming session on November Elderly Fun Fair have been going on with enthusiasm and creative ideas .
SEK Interact Club students are cheerful and active in the meeting . With the joining of another teacher Ms Yip to the team this year , looking forward for a more solid progress in the leadership training development for these young Interact members . There will be scenes to conduct upcoming community projects with us soon.
At Peninsula Sunrise , Rotary Interact projects are meant for helping all Interact students to contribute to society and uphold Rotary spirit : “Rotary Serving Humanity ” .