我加入半島旭日扶輪社超過5年。 我很榮幸能夠在來年擔任社長這一個神聖卻有挑戰的職位。扶輪社是一個大家庭,不僅社友之間充滿聯繫,擴展眼光,更為我提供了回報社會的寶貴機會。

世界上存在許多社會問題。 解決實際問題需要真正的承諾,行動和努力。 在過去的24年裡,半島旭日扶輪社上下一心,全力以赴地為服務社會。 從青年到長者、我們的探訪麻瘋病村活動,近年更關注被社會忽略的露宿者問題,期望連接社會改善世界。

來年的主題是「連接」。 我社一直致力於與更多具有不同背景及需要的朋友建立聯繫。 在來年,我將更專注於聯繫社友、家庭、社會、地區和世界。 通過聯繫,我們希望與每個人建立友善的關係,並最終建立一個更好及更精彩的半島日出扶輪社。

社長 廖舒衡2019-20

My dear friends, it is my pleasure to deliver my first message as the President of the Rotary Club of Peninsula Sunrise (“the Club”).

I have been joining the the Club for more than 5 years. It is my pleasure, and an honor to join and be the President in the coming year. Rotary is a big family and like any family, not only to connect and gather people to promote social health but also a chance to pave way for the society’s future and fellowship. It offers me a precious opportunity to pay back to the society by join Rotary.

There are lots of social problems in the world. Solving real problems takes real promise, contribution and effort. For the past 24 year, our Club members of action have spent their time with full energy to fight for a better society. From health and environment to elderly and street sleeper issues, we are always promising and working to improve our world and stay committed.

The theme for the coming year is ‘Connect’. Our Club has always been striving to connect with more people with diverse backgrounds and personalities to make our Club success and contribute to the society. In the coming year, i shall focus on connecting members, families, the society, the district, and the world. Through connection, we hope to build the network with everyone, the fellowship and eventually, a better and contributing Rotary Club of Peninsula Sunrise.

President Ed Liao 2019-20